My Hypothetical Comedy Bang! Bang! Season Six Writing Packet

When it was announced that season five would be Comedy Bang! Bang!'s last season on IFC, I immediately thought only of myself. You see, I always dreamt Scott Aukerman would call me up in desperate need of a new writer for the CBB team. Maybe Neil Campbell would be the one to make the call, I don't know. What I do know is that I would at first play it cool, before inevitably accepting the gig, and the big Hollywood salary that surely comes with it. But, with the show ending, I'll never get that chance to join the Comedy Bang! Bang! writer's room.

So instead of admit that my dreams are dead, I wrote a Comedy Bang! Bang! season six writing packet anyway. I have never written a writing packet, nor do I know what they're supposed to look like. But, I'm pretty confident mine will stand out above all other season six submissions. 

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