A Definitive Guide to the Greatest TV Shows of All Time

In no particular order

  • Seinfeld

    Direct result of the 90's comedy boom. Unlike Raymond, not everyone loves it, but you can't deny its power.

  • Friends

    Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. The origin of 20-21st century ensemble comedy.

  • Robots! Robots! Robots!

    This drama really defined the tone of a new era. Although Hollywood had already had its share of robot actors but it still broke barriers for 2057.

  • I Love Lucy

    The 50s would never be the same after this lovable red head entered our lives.

  • Grablor and Tom

    NBC hadn't had a comedy on the network for 30 years before Grablor and Tom brought must see TV back from the grave in 2173.

  • Breaking Bad

    See also: Mad Men

  • Mad Men

    These two programs helped lead the way for the golden age of television which went made way for peak TV, which devolved into the great TV congressional hearings.

  • Cheers

    It wasn't Friends, it was Cheers that pioneered ensemble comedies. Please forget about Friends.

  • Arrested Development

    The godfather of shows that were cancelled too soon and then one of the first to begin the great network exodus to Netflix.

  • Life on Venus

    An accurate and heartbreaking portrayal of the first human colony on the planet of Venus.

  • 010010001101

    It's a shame most of the humans were long dead and would never get to see this hilarious send up to 1980s American politics.

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