Estonian Prime Minister Admits That His Country is Make Believe

ESTONIA – Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas made a surprise announcement yesterday morning to the international community. During a televised press briefing, Roivas admitted that Estonia does not really exist, confirming many peoples’ suspicions.

“I love my country very much which makes this very hard to say” said Roivas at the beginning of the announcement. “Estonia does not exist, and it never has. Now you don’t have to feel so bad about not being able to find it on a map…because it’s not there.”

Members of the international community were initially shocked by the announcement of Estonia’s imaginary status. The announcement was extra concerning because Estonia’s Twitter account has been “verified” since 2010. However, after more thought, Estonia being fictional started to make a lot more sense.

“It sounded unbelievable that Estonia had been a fabrication all of these years” said former French President Sarkozy. “But I tried to think if I had ever met any Estonians and I had not. Not one. Unless you count Brendan Frasier in Encino Man. Do you think that’s where the idea came from?”

As a result of the announcement the United Nations is forming a committee to research other possible fake countries. So far the “nations” being looked at include Equatorial New Guinea, Lesotho, and The UAE’s capital city of Abu Dhabi which the UN believes was made up by Garfield the cat in his efforts to mail the annoying Nermal as far away as possible. 

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