Local Man Struggles to Decide Which App to Delete from his iPhone to Free Up Storage Space

MINNEAPOLIS – Local man, Michael Warren, received life-altering news late last night when his iPhone notified him there was not enough disk space to perform his desired task. As the news sunk in, Michael was in disbelief and anxiety set in as he realized what he had to do: remove one of his apps.

As of this afternoon he has yet to make a determination as to which app to delete. Michael described his thought process for us, stating,

“I thought it would be easy to pick one. But, I started looking at each app and they’re all so critical. And after 14 hours, I’m no closer to deleting anything.”

The delay in making a decision has already made a big impact on Michael and his family. He understandably didn’t go into work today as he tries to sort out his situation. At home, his wife Cindy has been supportive but increasingly nervous. She noted,

“this morning our son started to take his first steps and Michael grabbed his phone to take a video. Only he couldn’t. He considered deleting his ad blocker app to make space for his son’s first steps, but ultimately he couldn’t live with seeing intrusive ads. I can’t be mad at him for that.”

Michael reportedly has brought in outside help to try and make strides towards a solution. His best friends, Pat and his wife Miranda, are heading up what they’ve been calling the ‘save Mikey’s phone committee.’ They wanted to come up with a better name but the name generator app they found was almost 15MB. Pat recently updated us on their progress saying,

“we HAVE to keep Uber. That’s a no-brainer. We all use that one together to get home from the bar. He hasn’t used Words With Friends in about eight months, but he still has an unfinished game he’d really like to wait for. So basically, we’ve hit a wall.”

Michael and his committee are hopeful they’ll come up with a solution soon. They’ve narrowed it down to 9 possible apps but progress is slow and the group is looking for alternatives.

“I’ll probably just buy a new phone, I think. I’ve already had this one for a few months anyway.”

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