The First Time We Met: A Love Story

I can still remember when we first met. It wasn't exactly love at first sight, but it would grow into something very special. You weren't what I would typically look for; maybe I was immature and shallow, but your shape was new to me. I was used to something different. Something shorter? Something smaller? I don't know what I would call it, but you did look warm, and I was actually intrigued by the newness of it all.

Could we really work together? Could we really be a thing?

It was different before we first met. I grew up in a different time. A different place. You weren't like anything I had ever seen. Of course you weren't; not in my small, conservative, temperate climate of a town. To be honest, the mystery of everything made me nervous. Scared me even. Great things are rarely easy. Isn't that what they say? Maybe, just maybe, you were a risk worth taking.

It was winter in Minnesota when we first met. I certainly didn't want to be cold and alone. It was admittedly a selfish beginning. But now? Now, you and I feel so right. It's like every inch of you was knitted together to fit every inch of me. I've never been more comfortable than when we're together.

What had I been so scared of when we first met? Unlike the winter's snow, all of my fears have melted away. Up until that one little moment, we had never known each other, and now I can't imagine living through another cold day without you. You are for me. I am for you.

I am so blessed and thankful for that day when we first met, my thermal knit long underwear.


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