Re: Happy Memorial Day! — 15% Off Your Next Order 💸

Wow. Thank you so much for thinking of me today. I know I haven’t been a great friend to you, and that this is the first time I’ve responded despite your frequent attempts to reach out. You’ve had an update for me every single week since I first purchased that ‘hot stuff’ coffee mug as a gift three years ago. And finally, I want to return the favor.  

Marie and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this year. I took pottery classes for six weeks so I could make her the perfect vase, which I filled with lilies, her favorite flower. If I had your 15% off offer earlier I could have just bought something from you! Maybe I’ll use it for Jonathan’s birthday gift. He’s turning six this year. Can you believe it? 

If you like anniversaries and birthdays, you might also like an anecdote about the time I went to the grocery store when I was hungry. You will not believe how it ends. 

Anyway, I really appreciate you sending me this note. Especially on Memorial Day weekend. We’ll be spending it honoring my grandfather who was killed in action in the Pacific. Or maybe we’ll browse your online store for an area rug. We’ve been meaning to get one, and your email was a good reminder about that. 

We should get together soon. I’m always stopping by your place, but maybe I could host next time? Our backyard is great for bocce ball and and I’ve been told my grilled chicken is the best in the neighborhood. And while you’re here, you can take a look at a few items we’re preparing for our yard sale. If you see anything you like just mention the promo code ‘25OFF’ and we’ll give you a discount*. 

Thank you again for always thinking of me. The personalized attention means a lot. 


Customer #167200282

*No returns. Offer ends 6/30/2019. Not valid on furniture or kid’s clothes.

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